Advice Please

Juli Townsend

Me in Scotland

I’m an author with one self-published book, Absent Children,  and one work in progress.

A large aspect of self-publishing a book is marketing. I needed a webpage, but didn’t want to spend money on something I was unsure of, so I looked at what was on offer for free, and chose WordPress.

I figured the best way to begin learning how to blog, was to do it. I didn’t have time to read about how to blog!

I was busy publishing a book and preparing to move back to Australia after ten years living overseas, and so, in ignorance, I launched my blog in September 2012 and called it Juli Townsend’s Transition to Home. 

Transition to Home

My first blog.

I committed myself to a monthly entry, writing down my thoughts about leaving my expat life behind,and returning to my home and heartland. I wouldn’t have journalled on this journey if I hadn’t made a public commitment to the process, so it’s been good for me in that regard, as I now have a record of the transition, something I wished I’d done when I first left Australia.

However, I’ve also learnt that blogging without knowledge, limits the possibilities.

Despite this, my purpose was ultimately, to use a blog to promote my book, so that was the next step. I thought that blogging about writing might be the way to go, so I created Inspiration to Publication.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make any declaration about how regularly I’d blog on writing, and as a consequence, that blog is undergoing a long slow death.

I hope to revive it soon.

Once I began the process, I discovered a whole new world of bloggers, and  now feel as if some of them are my friends.

Reading other blogs inspires me to want to write about other ideas;

  • birth in our society,
  • parenting,
  • addiction issues,
  • photography,
  • inspirational thoughts and ideas,
  • and I’d like to post book reviews.

I have many passions.

Juli Townsend’s Transition to Home is a personal blog, and I may retire it at the end of two years, but I quite like the idea of one blog that includes different pages for all I want to write about.

Or, should I divvy up the above interests to fit into three different blogs – one personal blog, one about birth, and one on writing?

My goal is to connect with other people, be they bloggers or not, with similar interests to mine, and I would hope that by this time next year, I’ll be blogging far more regularly than I am now, with better skills, an improved understanding of blogging, and an attractive, appealing site, or sites.

Which do you think would be the best way to achieve this —

  1. One blog for all interests?
  2. Three different blogs?

1 or 2?

Your thoughts might help me choose.


8 thoughts on “Advice Please

    1. julitownsend Post author

      Thanks for popping by and commenting, Marie. I had also chosen to follow your blog when I was browsing The Commons.

      I understand what you’re saying regarding being overwhelmed, I think that’s the reason my writing blog has been neglected for so long. However, I’m still concerned about the points I mentioned in my reply to Toni.

      Confused. :-/

    2. julitownsend Post author

      I just had another look at your blog,and you do seem to have made a good job of combining your interests. I’m determined to come to a decision about this before Zero to Hero is finished! 🙂

  1. dreamtoni

    Hello! I had the same problem. I had a blog for poetry, stories, and book reviews. But now I place them all in one blog and I feel like it’s better. Your followers only follow one site and your hits (number of views) increase.As well as the fact that it’s more organized in a way. So I would suggest you to have one site with all interests aside from 3 different blogs.

    Oh and can you please visit my blog here:

    Hope your blog works out 🙂

    1. julitownsend Post author

      Ha, I was just browsing The Commons, checked out your blog and decided to follow it. So, well done.

      Thanks also for your feelings about my two options. I think my greatest concern relates to my followers. I don’t like the idea of bombarding my followers who are interested in writing, with information about birth, or vice versa.

      Poetry, stories and book reviews are related, and I would definitely place my book reviews on my writing blog, but I think my thoughts on birth in our society, or parenting, belong somewhere else.

      Your answer has helped me identify my problem a little more clearly, so thank you for popping by and taking the time to comment.

      I think your blog will do well.

  2. Tara

    I also agree. With the way tagging works on blogs one would be the best way to go. You can tag your posts so people can search specific things. So if you tag your post ‘self publishing’ then anyone on wordpress can search that topic. I am new to this myself and am just learning. Perhaps this challenge will help us all meet our goals.

    1. julitownsend Post author

      Gardening is another of my loves, Tara. Unfortunately, the vastly different climates we live in probably mean we won’t be able to use each other’s tips.

      Thanks for your comment. The idea of one blog appeals for many reasons, but I’m still worrying about my followers, rather than future followers, but perhaps that’s my mistake. I’ve just had another look at your blog, and you’ve given me an idea.

      I’m going to let my followers know about my proposed upcoming changes, and explain why I’m making them..

      Quite a few of my followers are not internet savvy – even less than I am! – which is why I think I worry about them! 🙂

      Thanks for stimulating further ideas for me on this.


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