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Advice Please

Juli Townsend

Me in Scotland

I’m an author with one self-published book, Absent Children,  and one work in progress.

A large aspect of self-publishing a book is marketing. I needed a webpage, but didn’t want to spend money on something I was unsure of, so I looked at what was on offer for free, and chose WordPress.

I figured the best way to begin learning how to blog, was to do it. I didn’t have time to read about how to blog!

I was busy publishing a book and preparing to move back to Australia after ten years living overseas, and so, in ignorance, I launched my blog in September 2012 and called it Juli Townsend’s Transition to Home. 

Transition to Home

My first blog.

I committed myself to a monthly entry, writing down my thoughts about leaving my expat life behind,and returning to my home and heartland. I wouldn’t have journalled on this journey if I hadn’t made a public commitment to the process, so it’s been good for me in that regard, as I now have a record of the transition, something I wished I’d done when I first left Australia.

However, I’ve also learnt that blogging without knowledge, limits the possibilities.

Despite this, my purpose was ultimately, to use a blog to promote my book, so that was the next step. I thought that blogging about writing might be the way to go, so I created Inspiration to Publication.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make any declaration about how regularly I’d blog on writing, and as a consequence, that blog is undergoing a long slow death.

I hope to revive it soon.

Once I began the process, I discovered a whole new world of bloggers, and  now feel as if some of them are my friends.

Reading other blogs inspires me to want to write about other ideas;

  • birth in our society,
  • parenting,
  • addiction issues,
  • photography,
  • inspirational thoughts and ideas,
  • and I’d like to post book reviews.

I have many passions.

Juli Townsend’s Transition to Home is a personal blog, and I may retire it at the end of two years, but I quite like the idea of one blog that includes different pages for all I want to write about.

Or, should I divvy up the above interests to fit into three different blogs – one personal blog, one about birth, and one on writing?

My goal is to connect with other people, be they bloggers or not, with similar interests to mine, and I would hope that by this time next year, I’ll be blogging far more regularly than I am now, with better skills, an improved understanding of blogging, and an attractive, appealing site, or sites.

Which do you think would be the best way to achieve this —

  1. One blog for all interests?
  2. Three different blogs?

1 or 2?

Your thoughts might help me choose.