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Setbacks, Success, Excuses, Oh MY! The Truth About Publishing & Myths About Muses

I’ve been making excuses for letting this blog fade to nothingness for some months now. They were good excuses by the way, but it has gone on too long.
I’m reblogging this post from Kirsten Lamb’s blog so I can refer back to it as a reminder every now and then. Things don’t grow when you make excuses, it’s time for action.
This is my feeble attempt to get me going again.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, via Stupid.Photos Image via Flickr Creative Commons, via Stupid.Photos

Much of any kind of success is related to attitude. We can’t control the weather, the future of publishing, the global economic conditions, but we can control our attitude. To be successful at anything, there are a few core principles we should embrace and work on every day. These are muscles of character.

We have peace, joy, patience, self-discipline. Those things are already inside of us. However, we must choose to work on them and do our part to strengthen these “character muscles” to enjoy their benefits.

Ignore Happiness and Strive for Joy

I don’t care for the word “happy” or “happiness” because it’s tethered to other words like “happening” and “happenstance.” Happiness is one of those things that’s easy dictated by what is happening. Joy, however, is a constant and something we can choose.

If you’ve been writing any length of time…

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