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How To Get More Reviews On Amazon

Please write a review if you read my book. Reviews are very important to writers, but readers don’t seem to be aware of this. They don’t have to be great reviews, just honest. It’s okay if you don’t like it, just say what you didn’t like about the book.

Michael J Holley - Writer

buy-amazon-reviewsOne of the key attributes on Amazon, which pulls more readers in, is the number of reviews a book has. It stands to reason that a book which has a lot of reviews looks as though it’s been read more than a book which only has a few. It’s the old market stall trick of gathering a crowd around what you’re selling.

The problem is how to get these reviews. I used to think that it would be easy to get people to stick their review on Amazon once they’d read it but, er, no. Apparently, other people don’t care about launching my writing career as much as I do… who knew? So, I’ve been looking at proactive ways to bolster my reviews number.

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