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What Not to Say – 5 Ways to Talk to Your Writer

If I’d known many writers before I became a writer, I daresay I would have asked these questions if I’d summoned up the courage to ask a writer anything. 🙂



As I read “Don’t Ask Me What I’m Writing” in the Sunday New York Times, I thought, “That is the worst question anyone can ask a writer.”

The question was, How is your novel going?

When someone asks me that question, I have the panicky feeling I used to get when I took a test and realized I didn’t study hard enough for it.

Slouka was writing specifically of what happens when a friend asks their writer this question within the first few months.

The novel is a new-born babe, a primitive and undeveloped idea in the writer’s mind. A well-intentioned friend might ask them, “How is the novel going?”

As Slouka points out this question is a double-edged sword that cuts both writer and well-meaning friend.

But no matter what the progress of the book, you can’t win with that kind of question.  I’ve been asked that question many…

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